Celebration at the GEM 25th anniversary held on 14th February 2024 was a moment of profound pride for Croatia. We were honored with a gold award for our unwavering 22 years of continuous participation in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor research. It was my utmost honor to accept this award on behalf of our dedicated GEM Croatia team.

This recognition is not just a testament to our longevity in the project but to the commitment, hard work, and passion that our researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs have poured into understanding and fostering entrepreneurship in Croatia. Our journey with GEM has been incredibly rewarding, offering invaluable insights that have helped shape our entrepreneurial landscape for the better.

As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we – GEM Croatia team – are filled with gratitude for every individual who has been part of our GEM journey. This award is a shared achievement that underscores our collective efforts to champion entrepreneurship and innovation.

Here’s to continuing our impactful work, inspired by the global GEM community, and to contributing further to the entrepreneurial spirit in Croatia and beyond.

Professor Slavica Singer
GEM Croatia team leader